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Hearing Aid Technology

Hearing aid customization means creating a one-of-a-kind hearing aid that fits your exact ear anatomy for optimal comfort and performance. With these Bluetooth®hearing aids, you’ll enjoy amazing comfort and full compatibility with our SurfLink®products.


  • To easily adapt to new sounds: Quick transitions to hearing aids by gradually adjusting settings to allow your brain to get used to new sounds.
  • Better wireless streaming: These custom hearing aids with Bluetooth technology provide consistent wireless performance while streaming TV, music and other media with SurfLink Media 2 and other SurfLink accessories.
  • A comfortable, personalized listening experience: Sound comfort technology designed to provide distortion-free listening comfort for loud sounds while ensuring ultimate clarity for soft sounds.
  • No buzzing or whistling: Our best-in-class feedback cancellation system providing feedback-free, comfortable listening all day long.
  • Music the way it was meant to be heard: A design that allows you to experience music in a whole new way. Now you can hear every note the way the artist intended – with pure, refined sound quality.
  • Customizable tinnitus relief: Advanced Multiflex Tinnitus Technology integrated into the hearing aid to bring relief to those who suffer from ringing in the ears.

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Patient Reviews

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4.8 out of 5 Stars based on 352 Reviews on Google.

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Had already used Audible so didn’t have hearing test,talked to specialist and picked up some good pointers to help me with my existing hearing aids

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ray campbell, on Google

I was referred to Audibel per a brochure i received from the phone Co Pioneers. Had a very pleasant experience. Glenna front desk receptionist very nice to talk to explained things well even when she first contacted me by phone. Dr. Jackie that did the evaluation hearing/ bone test is...

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Teresa Douthitt, on Google

Excellent communication, friendly staff and helpful

Reviewer Profile Photo

Charlotte Smith, on Google

I have always had a great experience with Audibel but Brenda in the Frankfort office takes it to another level. Her knowledge, friendliness and personality are amazing and she goes out of her way to accommodate you. 👍🏻

Reviewer Profile Photo

shawn stacy, on Google

Audibel office in Frankfort is very responsive to any need I may have with my hearing aids. Most recently the tech there restored the balance between the two aids by cleaning and changing simple parts. I’ll be back.

Reviewer Profile Photo

Larry Maze, on Google

Very friendly and knowledgeable staff. Took the time to educate me and did some testing. Encouraged me to return for more frequent check ups.

Reviewer Profile Photo

D. Carol Ingram, on Google

Reliable service. Mike shows care and concern for his clients. Staff is helpful and efficient. I am very pleased with Audible Hearing Aid Center.

Reviewer Profile Photo

Charlena Gray, on Google

I had a fantastic experience at Audible. I felt very comfortable talking to Blake. He was very thorough and knowledgeable. I am so glad I chose Audible. Looking forward to my new hearing aids.

Reviewer Profile Photo

Brenda Wallace, on Google

If anyone is having ringing in the ears and loss oh hearing I would highly recommend Michael Hoagland. He was very professional. Took his time to explain my tinnitus and how we could fix it. I’ve never been so pleased with Michael and his staff!!

Reviewer Profile Photo

Rema Martin, on Google

Went for a scheduled follow up and was met my friendly greeting as soon as I walked in at the front counter. Everything was uphill from there. Met with an associate I had never been with before and he was very professional and explained everything in great detail. Had a...

Reviewer Profile Photo

Ted Lecrenski, on Google

Awesome and informative. Very friendly and willing to help.

Reviewer Profile Photo

Jamie Rose, on Google

Absolutely the best place to go for hearing… love it and Dr. Hill🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

Reviewer Profile Photo

James Sexton, on Google

Had a very enlightening visit with Ed the audioprosthologist and really appreciate his professionalism and knowledge with my hearing loss issues. Will definitely recommend him and Audibel to anyone needing their services.

Reviewer Profile Photo

John Lagraff, on Google

Very professional, and informative but friendly and comfortable.

Reviewer Profile Photo

Loretta Baker, on Google

Very nice and informative about their service's.

Reviewer Profile Photo

Polly Hamblin, on Google

Absolutely terrific place to go and get your hearing checked. Wonderful staff and the doctor is Great!! So professional.. Definitely would recommend..

Reviewer Profile Photo

Belinda Wheeler, on Google

I am so very please with the service that I have received from Audibel Hearing . I love that I have hearing aids that don’t cover the back of my ears . And the sound quality is awesome . Ghedra Dunn

Reviewer Profile Photo

Ghedra Dunn, on Google

Friendly and knowledgeable. I have minor hearing loss so I did not need hearing aids at this time. I would recommend everyone getting a hearing test. It does not hurt! And the assessment is free!

Reviewer Profile Photo

Patty Gibson, on Google

John is always very supportive regarding my hearing problem. He cleans and repairs my hearing aids whenever I need help and always has a very friendly and polite manner. I bought my second set of hearing aids because he is very pleasant to do business with.

Reviewer Profile Photo

Delores Craft, on Google

Dr. Logan was great! He checked my hearing, which turned out to be fine. He also answered questions I had as well as giving me information that may help my dad. Thank you!

Reviewer Profile Photo

Rebecca Presley, on Google

I like to share my extreme gratitude with the professional experience that my mother received from the staff and exceptional service from everyone. They went above and beyond in my opinion! Thank you all for the help with this process

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Vondale Morton, on Google

They take excellent care of me and my hearing aids. They’re always willing to give me information and clean them when I come in needing it. I’m always greater with a smile on a warm welcome.

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David Silver, on Google

The staff was friendly. Dr. John Logan was caring, considerate and extremely patient. I would recommend Audible in Richmond to anyone that has a hearing problem or need. Thank you for your service.

Reviewer Profile Photo

Natalie Andrews, on Google

So went in and got tested and had really great care. Was only borderline needing one for one ear. Regardless I got the same level of care and was not rushed or pressured in anyway. They were genuinely doing what was in the best interest of the patient. They have...

Reviewer Profile Photo

C Andrew Isaacs, on Google

Completely satisfied. I have had hearing aids from another company and was NEVER happy and very disappointed. Mr. LOGAN Is very thorough and knows his stuff. Please cone to AUBIDEL and you will be extremely happy, satisfied and hear natural and normal again.

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Betty Henderson, on Google